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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Seattle Pipe Club

Where smoking isn't just allowed . . . it's mandatory !

The Seattle Pipe Club meets in Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge in little ol' Fife.  Second Wednesday of every month.  So join your fellow pipe smokers!

Sure there's a statewide ban on smoking in public places! But the intrepid Seattle Pipe Club legally enjoys our tobacco on Puyallup Tribal land in the town of Fife.  Hey, did you know Fife in German means pipe?   Smokey Joe's provides a welcoming & relaxing atmosphere, with an excellent tobacco lounge, comfy leather chairs & sofas, tasty food, a gorgeous mahogany bar and refreshing beverages of your preference--including a grand selection of single malt Scotch.  Its Beautiful, baby!



Monthly Meetings

  • WHAT: Seattle Pipe Club -- regular meetings
  • WHERE: Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge (high atop BJ's Casino)
    4411 Pacific Hwy E, Fife, WA 98424   tel (253) 922-0430
  • DIRECTIONS: Google Maps
  • WHEN: 7-9pm, 2nd Wednesday of the month (come early for good seats and enjoy the hospitality)

Next Club Meeting:  Wednesday, May 9th  

You won't want to miss the May meeting of our Great Pipe Club.   This will be the Post-Chicago Pipe Show gossip fest.  Hang out with the most awesome pipe smokers in the USA (that would be us: the SPC!)  We're just a bunch of folks who love our pipes & tobacco and the pleasure of being together.  It's a winning formula.  SPC tobaccos to sample (& purchase), maybe some nice snuff, pipes to buy or sell, a steaming hot or frosty cold adult beverage...what could be nicer?  See you there!   


Join the club! Membership dues: still only a paltry $25 per year. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings -- the dues are voluntary. But hey, c'mon! Show your love for the club and become a member!  Paid members support our club, get to participate in the Club Pipe Of The Year and all Members Only club events. 

For more information about membership in the Seattle Pipe Club click on Benefits in the main menu, on the right.

Pipe Club of London

The Seattle Pipe Club is proud to announce our affiliation with the renowned Pipe Club of London.  Stay tuned for how you can join as an associate of this esteemed world famous pipe club!

The 17th Annual SPC Slow Smoke Contest in November! 

Sign Up Today! 
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The West Coast Regional Slow Smoke Contest will be held November 8th at the Seattle Pipe Club for the 17th year in a row.  The contest is one of our most fun and sacred traditions.   Just 15 contestants will compete for glory, valuable prizes and the Trophy. 

This year's pipe is too beautiful for words and is worth $200 by itself!  All this for your entry fee of just $40.  And the winner gets sent to Chicago to compete in the US National contest! 

So what are you waiting for?  Enter today before the spots are all gone 17th Annual Slow Smoke Competition 2017 - 11/8/2017.

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Preferred Vendors

The Seattle Pipe Club truly thanks the generous & talented donors to our annual auction and Slow Smoke contest.  We would not be half the club without friends like these.   Please support them and tell them the SPC sent you. 
Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge in Fife
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