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Published On 11/9/2020
Due to the Covid pandemic, the Seattle Pipe Club has been meeting online since April.
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SPC BBQ Saturday, August 17th 2019

Although the traffic was a nightmare, it was well worth it. The members of the Seattle Pipe Club gathered at the home of Tom & Lennea Wolfe to have a pleasant afternoon together. BBQ ribs and chicken were the entree, along with a wide range of potluck dishes and beverages. Adam Peterson was the lucky winner of a raffle that gave him a new Geppetto pipe and other items, all donated by our member, Alberto Bonfiglioli, "Pipemaker to the World."
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Craig Watness, once again, wins the UPCA NW Regional Smoking contest, but this time he had real competition.

In what has to be the closest finish in a slow smoke, Craig Watness (6-time winner) beat out UPCA President, Tom Wolfe, by only 4 seconds. It was down to just one puff between first and second place.

It set out to be a great contest. Each contestant paid only $40 to enter, but went home with the contest pipe, a Salvatore Amorelli pipe worth $225. Then we had the prizes, which were the best we have ever had, including custom-made pipes, fancy pipe rests, and tobacco, all made by our own members. Every contestant went home with several prizes. (Thanks go to Lennea Wolfe for organizing the contest.)

Then we had the tobacco, SPC's own Potlatch, which was created by Joe Lankford. This year's batch was on the dry side, which made for very interesting times. Alex Hidalgo was first out, but nevertheless scored a respectable time of 26 minut
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Published On 12/14/2018
Craig Watness wins the SPC Slow Smoke contest for the 7th time. Here is what other participants had to say about the contest. . . .
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Published On 9/11/2017
Seattle Pipe Club: Luxury Blends Unlike Any Other
by Jim Amash
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SPC Pipe Of The Year 2016 Steve Liskey Sandblast Bamboo Acorn. The SPC is proud to present the 2016 POY.
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Published On 11/9/2016
The 2016 UPCA Western Regional Slow Smoke Contest (run by the Seattle Pipe Club) was held on 11/9/2016 at Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge in Fife WA. Here are the results . . .
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Published On 11/12/2015
The 15th annual Seattle Pipe Club slow smoke competition was held at Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge on November 11th, 2015. Fifteen contestants were each given a brand new pipe, 3 grams of Potlatch tobacco, and two matches. Everyone lit up at the same time, and who ever keeps smoking the longest . . . WINS!

Here are the official contest results.
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Published On 10/22/2015
Our 2015 Annual Dinner featured guest speaker, Kevin Godbee.
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Published On 6/8/2015
Find out more about the 2014 SPC Pipe of the Year, created by Jack Howell.
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Published On 2/11/2015
Here are the times for the 2014 SPC slow smoke competition.
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